Main areas of activity
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The existing risk management system audit    

The existing risk management system analysis in the organization, for the purpose of determination its compliance with national and international risk management standards. The expert conclusion providing with references risk management current system improvement.


Risk management system development and implementation

Strategic objectives of organization analysis (adjustment). The analysis, identification, description and measurement, quantitative and qualitative evaluation are constituents of the organization risk assessment. Necessary regulations and procedures of risk management system developed on a turnkey basis. The risk management system implementation support and monitoring. Consulting support carry out after the project.


Key business processes optimization

Business process description "as it is": existing organizational structure analysis; identification of inefficient, suboptimal processes; company's strategy, index of effectiveness and internal control system etc. analysis. The analysis of results and making recommendations for the optimization of existing and / or new business processes implementation.


Risk management audit, developing and implementation in insurance companies

Special offer for insurance companies, including a set of measures on development and a risk management system implementation for  the insurance company, business processes analysis and optimization, in-house regulations and procedures development, insurance products analysis and development. Consulting support providing after the project.



The risk management workshop 

Organization of seminars, training and workshops of leading experts in the field of risk management.


Upgrade qualifications

Training courses organization, academic programs development, teaching materials on risk manager’s skills improvement preparation. The trainings organization on study and implementation of ISO 31000, ISO Guide 73, IEC 31010, ISO / TR 31004. Seminars arrangement on topical issue of risk-management.


Research activities

Experience exchange in risk management

Organization and fulfillment research-to-practice conference, seminars, panel discussion and working groups on risk management topical issues with the participation of Ukrainian and foreign experts in the field of risk management.


Participation in the development of the national regulatory of risk management

Development of documents and regulations in the field of risk management system implementation in Ukraine. Working groups participation and risk management national standards implementation.  The national qualification criteria developing for risk manager.


 Risk management analytical materials preparation

The research conducting on risk management in Ukrainian enterprises and organizations. The analytical reviews of the risk management system preparation by industry, enterprise groups and organizations.


The scientific activity          

The research preparation, publishing and reviewing of scientific works on the risk management actual problems.